Lighthouse Cooperative: 20 Years Strong!

Lighthouse Cooperative: 20 Years Strong

Isn't it pleasing to know that the business that popularized  Cagayan local food products is now 20!  Lighthouse Cooperative: 20 years Strong is a celebratory post and a reflection on its beginnings, milestones and successes. Would you know how Lighthouse Cooperative started and how it became strong?

Lighthouse Cooperative has humble beginnings. It all began in August 1998 as a small church-based cooperative with primary aim to generate employment, promote genuine Christian values, provide additional income and savings opportunity for Victory Christian Fellowship (VCF) in Tuguegarao. With a limited capital of P3,750.00 and having only 23 members, the cooperative first ventured on catering services.

Putting in mind it goal to help more people, the cooperative lent a huge amount from a member and started investing on computer sales and services. The cooperative manage the strong competition due to its quality computer products and excellent service. As a result, the cooperative high sales volume and expanded the market to government agencies.

The cooperative being entrepreneurial ventured into home and office furniture as well as office and school supplies in 2002. Again, due to its affordable product prices the cooperative controlled the market.

The biggest breakthrough for the cooperative was when it embarked in manufacturing business in 2004. With a growing number of customers, the cooperative saw the demand for food products and the need to create a local food brand hence it launched Carne Ybanag which carries five (5) product lines (garlic longganisa, carabeef tapa, tocino nat Tuguegarao, hamonado longganisa and spicy carabeef longganisa). Indeed, it became a success. This resulted to the creation of new jobs and establishment of a hygienic processing center.

The cooperative is unstoppable in developing food products. Through the innovative minds of the employees, Chicha-rabao was developed. A crackling made up of carabao skin, it became a notable brand of the cooperative and most importantly a uniquely Tuguegarao product. In fact, Chicha-rabao is the most famous and best selling product.

The manufacturing business further grew and developed new product lines such as Chicha-rica, Chicha-bana, Tia Nani among others. What began as a meet products expanded to banana, peanut and carabao products! From Carne Ybanag it became Ybanag Food Products in 2011 which encompasses all products locally produced and manufactured in Cagayan.

Today, the Lighthouse Cooperative is stronger than ever! It was able to build its own commercial building, livelihood center and has a bigger store. More so, the Ybanag Food Products became a household brand and garnered several awards. Most worth noting is that it was able to help more people through it various advocacies and popularize Cagayan food products.

Now, don't you feel like trying their food products? You can visit their physical stores or buy it through their website. How cool is that?





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